How to Achieve Peak Performance of Waterjet by Optimizing its Components


"A waterjet systems comprises an ultra-high-pressure pump, CNC machine, and one or more cutting heads. How these components are set up and optimized determines the waterjet system's performance."


Successful fabrication shops truly know and understand how to optimize the effectiveness of their waterjet machines. The utmost performance of these waterjet systems as well as its components enhance cutting rates and as a result, produce higher profitability. The waterjet system is composed of CNC machine, ultrahigh pressure pump and one or more cutting heads. How these parts are being set up and optimized will determine the performance of the waterjet system.


The cutting pumps of flow waterjet can range in size from 15 to 200 horsepower and its output pressure of 40000 to exceed 50000 PSI or pounds per square inch. On the whole, the small pumps feed single cutting heads with the small jets while the bigger pumps can feed a lot of heads with bigger jets. The pump transmits high pressure water to the on and off valve affixed on the CNC machine. This high pressure water coming from the valve will enter the cutting head where orifice with 0.007 to 0.018 inch ID generates the jet.


This high velocity waterjet will generate a vacuum in amalgamating regions of the head. And this venture action will draw garnet harsh into the cutting head. And the jet that has abrasive will go into the nozzle with 0.02 to 0.045 inch ID and move out as a high velocity flow of water, air and abrasive. The operating parameters that control the cutting head performance are the pump pressure, abrasive flow, nozzle ID, and orifice diameter. Other factors that determine the needed cut speed are the material thickness, machinability of cut material as well as the desired cut edge finish. Know the water jet cutter price here!


The cut edge has two areas. One at the top of the cut edge that has a sandblasted and smooth appearance and the bottom one with a cut that is wavy and striated. On top rate cuts called as quality 5, the smooth part will extend all the way to the cut edge. But with low rate cuts like quality 1 or 2, the markings extend to the entire surface of the cut. Once you are done with setting up the cutting head as well as downloading the suitable corner stoppage to the cut program and the operator can manage the cut finish by regulating the feed rate. Watch this video about water jet.

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